Today, we’re proud to share with the world that DANX Group, an innovative leader in time critical logistics services, has made a strategic investment in ELECTRON aerospace
“Sustainability is, of course, the driving force behind our investment in ELECTRON, but the inclusion of the Electron 5 aircraft in our operations will also bring about impressive operational improvements,” said Lars Ryssel, Group Chief Solutions Officer (CSO), DANX Carousel.
“The future of short-haul air cargo is battery electric – and working with ELECTRON brings us closer to realising that vision,” said Val M Karren, Sustainability Director, DANX Carousel.
Marc-Henry de Jong, CCO/COO + Co-Founder of ELECTRON aerospace, said: “Beyond the financial investment, we’re thrilled to crown DANX-Carousel our Founding Logistics Partner.”
We’d like to thank Ricarda D’Ham from Kearney, who was instrumental in making this happen by connecting two former alumni, our own Marc-Henry de Jong and Lars Ryssel from DANX Carousel.
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